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Bill Edwards

Bardfield Consultants is the trading name that I use for my confectionery consultancy business.  I had the idea for the business after I had spent a day being hired out by my then employer, as a consultant, to examine a confectionery factory.  I realised that I could do the job just as well without the weight of bureaucracy on top of me.

I set out to supply consultancy tailored to the customer’s needs rather than supplying what the customer is thought to need.  This is the recipe upon which the business is built.

I spent ten years working for Rowntrees in the Products Research and Development department in York.  In addition I have worked for Spillers Milling  and the Leatherhead Food Research Association.

The main work of the consultancy is supplying knowledge about confectionery and related foods.  The related foods consist of some health foods that technically resemble confectionery and some baked goods.  The knowledge is either my existing technical knowledge or the result of experiments conducted to find the answer.

If a project requires  more manpower or skills or techniques that I do not possess then I bring in sufficient outside experts to complete the job.  

In addition to the above I have prepared reports for impending legal proceedings.  Also I supply articles on confectionery, apparatus for process control of confectionery, photographs of confectionery and books on making confectionery.