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Bill Edwards

I have published a number of articles on confectionery over the years.  Here are some of them:

The use of HPLC to Separate Triglycerides in Confectionery Fats Using Ultra Violet Detection; Journal of Liquid Chromatography, 8(14),2625-2540 (1985).

Uses for Dairy Ingredients in Confectionery; Journal of the Society of Dairy Technology,Vol. 37, No .4,October 1984.

Food technology international Europe 1993

Using Litesse in chocolate confectionery pp 139 to 142

Developments in Sugar Panning, Confection August 1998 page 29 to 31

A fruitful future Confection March 1998 page 25 to 27

Gums and Jellies, Confection March 2000 page 8 to 12

Not Naughty but Nice (article on energy reduced and fat reduced confectionery) Chemistry in Britain November 1997 page 50-52